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Window Treatments

We have an ever-expanding offering of window treatments, window coverings, drapes and curtains to provide all types of different options in style, shading and automation for your windows:

  • Rollershades: Sleek and modern, rollershades are a simple and elegant window treatment solution, available both in see-thru 1% to 10% density fabrics, or in blackout and double-layered.

  • Honeycomb Shades: Made of thicker honeycomb structure, these shades give you both sound and thermal insulation. With drop-rise systems that allow you to open and close the honeycombs from both the top or from the bottom, they are also very versatile.

  • Mini-Blinds and Wood Blinds: Workhorse of window treatments, blinds provide a good compromise between the ability to see-thru and blackout for privacy, at affordable prices.

  • Sheer Blinds and Verticals: A more elegant cousin of mini-blinds, sheer blinds are held together by a variety of different designer sheers, without any strings and cords holding the vanes together.

  • Roman Shades: Often made with interesting fabrics or woven natural fibers, roman shades are versatile and practical. Similar to honeycombs, roman shades are also available in drop-rise systems.

  • Drapes and Curtains: Still a timeless choice in window coverings, drapes and curtains are all custom-made, almost limitless in what you want with them. Very good primer on the different styles of drapery and curtains, here, here and here. We can do them all!

  • Shutters: Modern shutters are made of composites and plastic hinges that are moisture and crack resistant, hidden hardware that doesn't require a center push bar for a cleaner and sleeker look. 

All of our window treatment solutions can be motorized, automated and integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and with your existing home control systems, so that your window treatments open and close automatically depending on the time of day or in time with the sunrise and sunsets throughout the year. Just ask us!